Ver-ID Credentials SDK

Enables online identity verification by comparing a "selfie" with user's government-issued photo ID. Works both with laminated IDs such as drivers' licenses as well as with biometric passports for the most security-essential applications.

Reliance on expensive & insecure external services for establishing identity is fast becoming obsolete. Ver-ID Credentials enables a straightforward integration of identity verification directly into any digital business process. 


On-device Privacy

For mobile deployments, the identity validity score can be established entirely on the user’s device. With Ver-ID there are no risks associated with export and storage of users’ images without some other business need for retention.

AML/KYC Compliant

Our core technology is stronger than other methods relied upon today for CIP (US) compliance and is explicitly FINTRAC (Canada) compliant.


Identity-as-a-Service products use ‘bolt-on biometrics’ and so suffer from high false rates or rely on manual checks. Ver-ID Credentials is built on ARC’s core face recognition & liveness detection technology for assured performance across the broadest range of use cases.


The ubiquity of high-resolution cameras on employee & consumer devices enables you to confidently use IDs to remotely establish identity.

Analog Read

STEP 1:  
The user takes a photo of the front of their ID document.Ver-ID technology isolates and captures the ID’s elements using edge detection, image correction and rotation/cropping to ensure the best possible reference image. In the case of a biometric passport, Ver-ID extracts the information from the MRZ required to enable a chip scan. 

Digital Read

The user takes a photo of the barcode on the back of their ID, enabling anti-fraud / anti-fake checks,  and for data harvesting/auto-population. In the case of a biometric passport, the user scans the embedded chip, yielding both a high-resolution photograph and identifying information, all in a digital format.

Spoof Proof

The user takes a 'selfie' photo with the front-facing camera. Our advanced liveness detection technology confirms their live presence - ensuring their identity cannot be spoofed with a photo or even a video. 

Validity Analysis

A confidence score of the similarity between the ID photo and the selfie photo is calculated on-device. The score and the harvested user data are delivered back via a standard JSON file. Depending on specific ID’s accepted, further ID validation checks are optionally available.


Ver-ID Credentials can integrate into any digital workflow, improving your onboarding process with better accuracy and lower costs. Contact us for a demonstration.


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