Face Biometrics Software
for Identity Verification and Authentication

Applied Recognition (ARC) develops face recognition technology solutions
which are engineered to be both accurate and practical, allowing your
organization to upgrade to biometrics simply and inexpensively.

The Ver-ID Identity software ToolKits make it easy to add the power of face recognition to any product or process. 



 Our patented face detection & recognition algorithms and architecture have been tested and proven effective after more than a decade of focused R&D.

On-Device Liveness

Patented, randomized-pose methodology defeats spoofing without degrading user experience. Sensitivity levels can be adjusted to balance security with convenience.

Mobile Capable

Ver-ID can run server-hosted or mobile. Mobile-resident implementations eliminate latency, permit off-line operation and reduce compliance exposure, enabling use cases beyond those supported by server-only technologies.

Learns Users 

Composite face signature architecture incorporates all ‘known-good’ images of a user as they become available, preserving accuracy across time and a wide range of ambient conditions.


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